Having Fun, Being Smarter, Loving Learning!

The Power of Play

Einstein once said, “Play is the highest form of research.” Psychologist Edward Fisher found that children's cognitive language and social and emotional development can be improved by 33% to 67% through play.

We’ve partnered with top global children's brands to build world-class apps including LEGO®DUPLO®WORLD, Disney Coloring Magic, and Hungry Caterpillar Play School.

We want kids to joyfully play, learn, and grow!

We Specialize in Untapped Markets

Every child deserves a great start, one size does not fit all, and being local matters.

From design, to language, to learning styles, to parent expectations, to infrastructure, we are only successful when parents and kids feel completely at home in our products.

We began in Asia and are expanding globally, prioritizing less-served communities and markets.

Skills We Help Kids Develop


Disney Coloring Magic

 Drawing   Creativity   Concentration
Reimagine your favorite Disney and Pixar heroines, heroes, princesses, and even villains!


 Cognition   Creativity   Fine Motor Skills
Join Spidey, Iron Man, and all the other MARVEL heroes for exciting adventures and pretend-play fun!


 Cognition   Creativity   Fine Motor Skills 
Imagine, play, learn, create with numbers, animals, buildings, cars, trucks and even submarines!

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

 Preschool   Language   Logic   Mathematics
Accelerate preschool early learning in the playful world of Eric Carle!

Miffy's World

 Life Lessons   Empathy  Creativity  Literacy 
Explore, create, play, learn, and practice important life habits with Miffy!


Who We Are

SmartGames Ltd. is an educational entertainment company. We are experienced, proven, and talented experts in education, gaming, advanced technology, and content monetization.

We believe children can learn through play in well-designed, safe, and trusted environments, and are devoted to creating world-class children's educational entertainment products.

The potential, and unique needs of parents and children in our markets inspire and motivate our creations.