SmartGames Ltd.



We use the power of play, learning, and technology to help children reach their full potential.


We design, build, and monetize excellent preschool content to win loyal parents, and create profitable revenue streams.


Build a passionate, talented, and relentless team; work with exceptional partners; continuously learn from the kids we serve.


"I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand."
  • are the fastest growing middle class globally.

  • live in Greater China and SE Asia; were born in the 1980s-90s; they are smart, upwardly mobile, socially and globally savvy; and believe in the power of an excellent education.

  • to our families. They know that the preschool years are critical to helping their children maximize their potential.

  • most kids' apps are made for the West, and do NOT meet the educational, language, or technical needs of Asian families. That's where SmartGames comes in.


Proven, Experienced, Passionate, Relentless

Carrie Pederson

Co-Founder, CEO
20 years experience working in the Greater China, emerging markets focused on market making and Education (Microsoft, Shanghai Bureau of Education)


Co-Founder, COO
25 years experience in high tech global market entry and business development (IBM, Microsoft), and a number of education & technology startups.

Jessica Zhang

Chief Revenue Officer
25 years experience developing and operating for-profit K-12 school systems across the Greater China Region (Sesame Street, Tsing Hua English)

Mark Tseng

Chief Product Officer/CTO
18 years building games/apps, founder, building AI/Web3.0 across GCR & Asia (MyCard, Netease)