SmartGames Ltd.


The Company

Established in 2015; based in Beijing, Hong Kong, Seattle, and Taipei; with expertise doing business in China, media, distribution, gaming, entertainment, and education.

Our Purpose

We are passionately committed to ensuring that what young children watch, play, and interact with is engaging, educational, and helps develop cognition, creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Our Approach

We license, produce, localize, and aggregate proven, excellent, and fun EDUtainment media from the US, Canada, and Europe for distribution in China.

Our Goal

To be the most trusted source of excellent, educational, and fun videos, apps, and merchandise for young children.


"I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand."
  • 66+M middle class households with children under 8; 16+M kids are born annually.

  • Were born in the mid-1980s-90s; they are smart, digitally and globally astute, and socially savvy.

  • Middle class families of kids under 9 spent $110B on kids' consumer goods, and $73B on education in 2017 alone.

  • There is a clear lack of excellent, fun, EDUtaining content for young children. That's where SmartGames comes in.


Proven, Experienced, Passionate

Carrie Pederson

Co-Founder, CEO
15 years experience working in the Greater China, focused on market making and Education (Microsoft, Shanghai Bureau of Education)


GM, China
25 years experience developing and operating for-profit K-12 school systems across the Greater China Region (Sesame Street, Tsing Hua English)


Co-Founder, COO/VP
25 years experience in high tech global market entry and business development (IBM, Microsoft), and a number of education & technology startups.

Faye Wang

Head of Products
12 years in gaming, production, marketing (Dr. Panda, Ubisoft, Gigamedia, SNDA, CDC)